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Billionaire and pro-abortion philanthropist Warren Buffett has suggested a coming crisis worse than COVID-19, for which he believes society is unprepared. According to the San Antonio Express News, on CNBC’s “Buffett & Munger: A Wealth of Wisdom” this week, Buffet warned, “We know that there is a nuclear, chemical, biological and now cyber threat. Each of them has dire possibilities.” “It doesn’t seem like it’s something that society is fully prepared to deal with,” he said. “I learned that people don’t know as much as they think they do,” he continued. “But what is most learned is that the pandemic could be seen coming, and that this is not the worst that can be imagined.” “Society has a hard time preparing for remote situations, which are possible and will happen sooner or later,” Buffett said. Recently, the American billionaire Buffett retired from his position as the trustee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According to Forbes 2021 list, he is the sixth richest person in the world. Bill Gates is fourth in the list. Similarly, in January 2021, Bill Gates predicted a future pandemic “10 times more serious” than COVID-19.

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