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‘Conservative’ politicians would have to be either Communists in disguise, or absolute morons to embrace and promote Critical Race Theory. When an extremist group is trying to push their ideas on a population, their first move is to hide any evidence of extremism. That has long been true of Communists, who have found many different ways to repackage and obscure their ideas in order to make them more saleable to the general public — a public that rejects Communism itself. The Communists are aided in this obscuration by the fact that they can claim to be standing for ‘equality for all people,’ which of course sounds nice at first glance and deftly elides that Communist efforts to achieve ‘equality’ have historically involved horrific violence, brutal oppression, a denial of all basic freedoms, and still end up with a politically-connected ruling class that had privileges denied to the vast majority of people. Nowadays, many people seem to believe that Communism has ‘gone away’ for the most part, which is another example of how successful the Communists have been at rebranding themselves.

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