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Texas Democratic lawmakers fled the state for Washington, DC Monday in order to block Republican-backed election reform bills for a second time — setting up a standoff with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and risking arrest by leaving during a special session. Close to 60 of the Texas House of Representatives’ 67 Democrats departed Austin on two charter flights to the nation’s capital, where they vowed to press the Biden administration and congressional lawmakers to pass federal voting rights legislation. KXAS reporter Scott Gordon tweeted an image of barefaced lawmakers on one of the planes, apparently defying federal rules about wearing masks while traveling. The mass exodus would deny the Texas House a quorum when it gathers on Tuesday. “Today, Texas House Democrats stand united in our decision to break quorum and refuse to let the Republican-led legislature force through dangerous legislation that would trample on Texans’ freedom to vote,” read a statement signed by Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner and four other lawmakers.

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