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The Democratic National Committee and other allies of President Joe Biden are reportedly pushing social media companies and SMS carriers to censor vaccine disinformation spread on their platforms. The effort, reported Monday in Politico, comes as the Biden administration struggles to boost vaccination rates after failing to meet its July 4 goal. The White House said Tuesday that it intended to adopt a “door-to-door” vaccination awareness strategy, an announcement that raised alarm among many that the federal government was tapping into private medical records and sending federal agents to the homes of the unvaccinated. The White House has since clarified its operation, saying that it targets communities where vaccination rates are low and uses local “trusted messengers,” not federal agents. Psaki has denied having access to private medical records. Critics have hammered the White House over the plan. Psaki has accused critics of spreading “inaccurate disinformation” about the White House’s strategy and appeared to push companies to take action against such messaging.

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