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COVID has been a wrecking ball on the U.S. and world’s economies, devastating businesses, families, and individuals. How much of what we have been told by government “experts,” parroted by the media, has been false, either by design or incompetence? One can debate how much destruction was due to the actual virus versus the response to the virus, diktats handed down from government and medical bureaucrats supposedly following the science, but in reality, following the political winds or their own partisan agendas. Much of the so-called guidance was based not on science but instead on a much simpler concept. If President Trump said X, then the Democrats, media, and administrative state said not-X, castigating and attempting to ruin anyone with the audacity to agree with Trump. The Wuhan coronavirus did not become a household name until March 2020 when the business closures, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders began. Before that it was just a minor news story yet even then the media was spewing anti-Trump sentiment. In late January, Trump authorized a travel ban from China when there were only a few confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

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