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In a statement on Sunday, the FBI called on Americans to participate in its program to prevent what it called “homegrown violent extremism.” The FBI told people to spy on their relatives and friends and report suspicious behaviors. This comes after both the FBI and Biden falsely claimed white nationalism posed the biggest threat to homeland security. The statement failed to mention the real threat of Islamic terror, which critics said posed a constitutional problem. “This must be fake news. They said they’re asking the family to report on their families that they do think some suspicious,” Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul explained. “What if somebody was drinking and was a little bit rude to another member of family? ‘I’ll get you.’ A little bit of that might go on.” Critics also mentioned the practice of putting friends and family up for persecution by the government was commonplace in East Germany and the Soviet Union. However, political policing comes in contradiction with American freedoms. “That’s what it’s designed to do, to pit people against other people. To break down the normal bonds we have in community,” Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute Daniel McAdams asserted.

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