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The views of many millions of Canadians continue to go unrepresented by those in power, on an issue that has a huge impact on the future of our nation. If you looked at the rhetoric and policies of Canada’s main political parties, you would think that there was a massive consensus among Canadians that higher immigration is widely supported. The Liberals & NDP both champion large immigration increases, while the Conservatives are similar, only raising some questions around the edges of the issue. The idea that Canada will continue to increase our immigration levels — levels that are already among the highest on Earth on a per-capita basis — is deeply entrenched among the political class. However, there is no such consensus among the Canadian People. According to a new Angus Reid poll, the plurality of Canadians say the upcoming 2022 immigration target — 411,000 — is too high. Also, when we consider the impact that social desirability bias has (people wanting to seem politically correct), we can imagine that many of those who say they like the current numbers are in favour of lower immigration but are afraid to say so.

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