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I finished reading Heather Brunskell Evans’ critique of Kathleen Stock’s new book, Material Girls, which is a critique of gender identity ideology. “Gender identity,” or “transgenderism” by its shorter euphemism, is an umbrella term for normalizing, among other things: body dissociation, fetishes of adult men, the concept of myriad human sexes, disorders of sexual development, self-expression through medical amputations of people’s healthy sex, the medicalization of children’s healthy bodies and natural processes, and eugenics carried out on young people who are same-sex attracted. It is not a fixed term and yet it is being legally instituted globally. Brunskell-Evans is an academic philosopher with an interest in medicine and a radical feminist who has published significant and brilliant works on the dangerous constructs of “transgenderism” and “transgender children.” Kathleen Stock is another academic, also philosophy, and a feminist. Brunskell-Evans, in her critique, suggests that “it is important we pause, take a breath, and reflect on Stock’s broad thesis.”

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