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The U.S. Justice Department said this week that former president Donald Trump’s delusional claims that he’ll be reinstated to the White House could fuel more political violence from his supporters. Trump and some of his allies on the right-wing fringe have pushed the ridiculous theory that he could be reinstated as president next month. There is no legal or constitutional mechanism for that to happen, and Trump’s claims of a “stolen” 2020 election have been fully debunked. Federal prosecutors brought up Trump’s rhetoric this week in one of the U.S. Capitol riot cases. “Former President Trump continues to make false claims about the election, insinuate that he may be reinstalled in the near future as President without another election, and minimize the violent attack on the Capitol,” prosecutors wrote in the filing. “Television networks continue to carry and report on those claims, with some actually giving credence to the false reporting.” And last month, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that Trump’s “reinstatement” fantasies could lead to more violence this summer from right-wing extremists.

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