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As vaccine coverage blankets the country, ushering in hope for a return to normal, Pfizer announced Thursday that it’s prepping a COVID-19 booster shot to make sure things keep trending in the right direction. There’s just one problem, according to experts. We might not actually need it. Preventing severe outcomes is the key to quashing COVID-19’s impact on our daily lives, according to the experts. Lockdowns and restrictions come into play when hospitalizations start to push the health care system’s capacity to its outer limits. But with vaccines proving highly effective at preventing severe outcomes, experts say any conversations about boosters are still premature. “I don’t think there’s good clinical evidence,” said Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious disease specialist, on whether there’s data to back up Pfizer’s booster shot claims. Chagla added people “shouldn’t necessarily worry that these two shots are going to be useless in a few years.” “These are the shots that are going to keep people out of hospital and health care from dying,” he said. Chagla isn’t alone in his skepticism.

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