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What happened to the idea of adults being resilient and taking action rather than putting on endless emotional displays? “Sticks and stones will may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” That’s the ethos that millions of people grew up with, the idea that mere words should not be enough to break someone down mentally and that resiliency was something to be praised and sought-after. Action, not words, was what mattered most. But that ethos seems far removed from what we often see these days. Instead, we are watching as weakness and sensitivity are not only tolerated, but rewarded and promoted. Consider this email recently sent to the faulty at Kwantlen University in British Columbia: “This is a message that has now gone out to faculty at @KwantlenU in Surrey, B.C., instructing “settler voices” not to “provoke open and unfacilitated inquiry” “or stimulate pessimism” in regard to de colonization. This thread contains the messages that prompted this communiqué…” We now have ‘educational’ institutions advocating against open debate and discussion. Imagine how weak you have to think other people are to think they would be traumatized by reading some words in an academic debate.

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