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In the spring of 2019, as the election cycle which would culminate in Joe Biden becoming president was just lumbering into first gear, there was a grinding sound from Biden’s transmission in the form of an old scandal. For years, Republicans had noted the former vice president’s rather creepy behavior around women — smelling hair, getting touchy-feely, that sort of thing. Felicitously, just as it became profitable for the liberal media to mention these public clips, a former Nevada state lawmaker — a Democrat — came forward with an accusation that Biden touched her inappropriately and kissed her on the head back in 2014. Other women followed. At the time, Biden issued what could best be called a mea sorta culpa: He agreed he’d violated women’s “personal space” in the past, but didn’t outright apologize for it. “Social norms have begun to change,” Biden said in a video posted to social media at the time, adding that “the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and I get it. I get it.” This raises the question as to what Joe Biden really “got.”

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