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Four lawyers who previously made donations to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party have been appointed as judges. The Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley is reporting that the news of the donations were first published by Blacklock’s Reporter. In total, the two Ontario judges and two Quebec judges donated a total of $26,295 to the Liberals. One of them was a direct donor to Attorney General David Lametti. Another one of the judges held private fundraising events in her home for Liberal Party candidates. The news come after the Liberals promised to stop using Liberalist, the party’s internal donor database, to check judicial appointments for political donations. The Liberals were also caught using Liberalist when making their “non-partisan” senate appointments. One of Trudeau’s latest “non-partisan” senate appointees was a former two time liberal candidate. Trudeau’s partisan appointees to the courts had one of Lametti’s staffers concern, with CBC reporting that he wrote to Lametti “to talk about what PMO requires us to do prior to a judicial appointment. It raises some concerns.”

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