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We’re simply meant to give up. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to, as I see the pile-on of absurdities we’re being asked to accept as normal. We’re standing under a giant dumpster, and somebody’s upended it in an avalanche over us. The contents stink, and we’re increasingly unable to move from underneath. The NEA wants CRT taught in all the schools and will fight for its teachers’ right to indoctrinate the kids. How many parents have the means to yank their kids out of public school and either homeschool or find an acceptable private school that eschews this garbage? How many parents are willing to fight the school board and the administration? Speak out and gather support against such policy? Supposedly, K and 1st-grade enrollment are down 13%, so we know that at least that many have found other options. The Wi Spa in Los Angeles lets men into the women’s naked baths, in front of their small children, because California forces it to. It normalizes such behavior as a matter of law. Men compete in women’s sports, beyond any logic. The only result will be the end of women’s sports when they become such a joke that nobody will watch.

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