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Polling for the 2022 midterms must be brutal for Democrats. That’s the only explanation for why they are now backtracking and gaslighting on three of their most prominent policy goals in the past year: Critical Race Theory (CRT), “Defund the Police,” and keeping kids out of school for pandemic-related concerns. In just the past month or so, Democrats who have prominently supported these issues have changed their tune, with some even pretending they never supported the unpopular policies in the first place, or accusing their opponents of being the real supporters. Take CRT, for example. MSNBC host Joy Reid invited author Ibram X. Kendi — perhaps the best-known figure associated with CRT and the “anti-racism” movement — to push back on parental efforts to stop public schools from teaching CRT to their children. Kendi claimed that he does not believe that all white people are “inherently racist,” and if that is what schools are teaching, he “would speak out against that school.” Yet he hasn’t spoken out against any school that has perpetuated such claims, however, even though there is ample evidence of schools doing just this.

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