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Chinese diplomat and propagandist for the Chinese Global Times Li Yang tweeted a cartoon of Justin Trudeau, mocking the prime minister for his stance on reconciliation. The cartoon reads: “We stole your land, we killed your men, we buried your child, Let’s reconcile,” in a tweet that states “Who is this man? Isn’t he worried about the indigenous people spitting on his face?” Beijing’s consul general in Rio de Janeiro smugly replied: “Do you think your so-called reconciliation is worth showing off?!!!” The tweets come after weeks of Chinese propaganda declaring that Canada cannot in good conscience comment on the calculated effort by the Chinese government to ethnically cleanse the Xinjiang region of its Muslim minority (i.e. genocide.) While the Chinese government unapologetically continue to kill off their Muslim minority and brag about how they’ve converted Uyghur women from “baby-making machines” to good Chinese citizens, Canada has made actual efforts to reach out to communities it has wronged. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said as much.

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