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Recently we’ve been seeing stories in the news about average Americans pushing back against liberal initiatives. Taken alone, these stories are entertaining, though not particularly earth-shattering. But observed together, do they form a pattern? Are we seeing the beginning signs of a cultural realignment? One recent story is that of women protesting a California spa allowing “perfectly normal women with penises” to use the female facilities. The protesters were quick to point out that they are Democrats and support LGBTGFNB rights. But it turns out there is a limit to the amount of leftist baloney that even Democrats can accept. Equity for people with gender confusion sounds compassionate in theory. In reality, it facilitates naked men bathing with our six-year-old daughters — which inspires a different emotion than compassion. “Perfectly normal women with penises” competing in women’s sports is all over the news too. The left has been telling us that we need to accept each person’s perception of reality — even if that person is somewhat gender-confused. But “perfectly normal women with penises” competing in women’s sports has illustrated the absurd destination this path leads to.

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