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Your first visit to a Korean spa can be a bit… jarring, if you don’t know what to expect. I’ll be blunt: Everyone is naked, and you’re required to be, too. You enter the locker room and leave behind everything: phone, wallet, shirt, shoes — and all of your modesty. What makes it tolerable is that it’s a truly safe space: We’re all real women. Normal women, not models, their looks enhanced by plastic surgery and Photoshop. Women are comfortable walking around naked because we’re surrounded by other women. But at a spa in California called Wi Spa, that safety has fallen victim to the latest intrusion of gender ideology. The spa found itself at the center of a firestorm recently after a biological male who self-identifies as female entered the female-only, nude areas. The hullabaloo, which began because women and girls in the gender-segregated areas saw the transgender customer’s penis and complained, got physical over the weekend, as hard-line gender ideologues violently attacked women and men who objected to the intrusion.

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