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The speculation of a summer election certainly isn’t without merit when you watch the actions of the Trudeau government. More than a dozen funding announcements in key ridings for the Liberals were held on Tuesday from Digby to Trois Riviere, Waterloo to Burnaby. Of course, there was also the announcement of Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General with the appointment of Mary Simon. Now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can have a proper election call at Rideau Hall rather than having to ask the chief justice of the Supreme Court to drop the writ in August. That is the speculation, by the way, an election call in early to mid-August, with voting day in September. Trudeau and his team are hoping to capitalize on the good weather and the cheery mood of Canadians recently freed from COVID restrictions and bathing in the glow of the two-dose summer. With the right conditions, they are hoping for a return to a majority government. Could it happen? Absolutely, and Warren Kinsella is arguing that it will happen because voters won’t hold Trudeau to account for his scandals or his botched handling of the pandemic early on.

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