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The Asia Internet Coalition — which represents Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter — threatened to leave Hong Kong at the end of July if a controversial privacy law is imposed. “The focus of the change in the law is to curb doxxing — the publication of people’s personal details including addresses and phone number online,” explained CNET, adding that “Doxxing has been a major problem for Hong Kong since mid-2019, around the same time protests kicked off against proposed changes to local extradition laws.” “Doxxing activities which became rampant in Hong Kong since mid-2019 has tested the limits of morality and the law,” Hong Kong’s government announced in a statement. “Doxxing acts, which are intrusive to personal data privacy and involve the weaponization of personal data, have caused great harm to the victims and their family members and the society at large in recent years.” “In a typical doxxing case, the more common personal data which are disclosed include the name, photograph, Hong Kong identity card number, date of birth, occupation, phone number, and/or the address of the victim and, in some cases, their family members,” the statement added.

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