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President Joe Biden has added to our lexicon in some colorful ways. He taught us the phrase “dog-faced pony soldier.” He creatively summarized the Declaration of Independence. He even resurrected an archaic term with the use of “malarkey.” And now he’ll teach us another word as we try to make sense of what happened during the White House naturalization ceremony on Friday: paraphasia. Paraphasia isn’t one of Biden’s words, but it is the technical term for the word salad that so often falls out of his mouth and sounds suspiciously like the way people with dementia string together real words in nonsensical ways. But since I’m not a trained physician, I’ll let you decide for yourself if that’s what’s happening in this clip that conservative commentator Benny Johnson jokingly called “an inspiring message for newly sworn citizens.” “Appreciate it for joining us in this service,” Biden said as he addressed the newly minted U.S. citizens. “Look, today — uh, um — today’s special guest, uh, to all of you is my honor to congratulate the 21 of you who for have earned the title of that our democracy in every is equal to being president is of the same consequence,” he told them.

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