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The president of one of America’s largest teachers union made a false claim about those who don’t want our children to be taught Critical Race Theory (CRT), claiming critics of the theory don’t want children to be taught history or having any discussions about racism. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), on Sunday shared an article from The Washington Post that also falsely stated what opponents of CRT want. While captioning the article, Weingarten wrote: “Incredibly important piece from [Kimberlé Crenshaw] about why these bans on teaching history and discussing racism in the classroom are so dangerous. Our students deserve to have the freedom to learn and discuss this in school.” The statement is factually false, as opponents of CRT, including the states that have banned it from being taught in public schools, have not attempted to ban the teaching of history or discussing racism in the classroom. Opponents of CRT object to students being taught that America is irredeemably racist and that racism is so systemically embedded in all aspects of American culture that people of color are still oppressed by white oppressors.

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