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Does anyone really think the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc will simply give up on their effort to restrict freedom and silence their opponents? Bill C-10 will not pass in the Senate. Bill C-36 never even got to the Senate. So, with the Senate session over, it appears that both pieces of legislation won’t become law. This is good news. And, while there is cause for celebration, Pierre Poilievre makes a point that we are well aware of: The fight isn’t over. The ‘authoritarian left,’ who can also be referred to as the ‘Neo-Communists’, won’t stop trying to restrict individual freedom and silencing those they disagree with. They will either try to pass Bill C-10 and Bill C-36 again, or if an election happens and they remain in control of Parliament, they’ll bring in similar legislation. One thing we’ve seen is that the neo-coms play the long game. While Conservatives often focus on elections, the left is constantly active, seeking to gain control of all the levers of society — particularly the education system. Thus, even when Conservatives win a campaign, the country continues shifting to the left.

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