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It required passing and signing a special law for Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election to be held on September 14, 2021, instead of in November, as had originally been planned. That was no problem to accomplish, for Democrats completely control both houses of the state Legislature and can enact any laws they want. But a few are starting to wonder if it was a smart move. The original thought had been that allowing Newsom’s opponents less time to raise money and campaign would benefit him. But now, as Joe Garofoli reports in the San Francisco Chronicle: Now they’ve got to confront the problem they’ve created for themselves: Newsom has even less time to tackle a serious enthusiasm gap. Republicans are excited to give Newsom the boot and Democrats are … uh … not paying attention. (snip) A Berkeley IGS Poll in May backs up the possibility for a Democratic disaster. The survey found that 75% of Republican respondents had a “high interest” in the recall — more than twice the level among Democrats (36%) or independents (35%). Surveys by the Public Policy Institute of California found a similar divergence in enthusiasm.

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