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A wild new plan to make Donald Trump president again just dropped, and it involves him taking over Nancy Pelosi’s job. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said at Trump’s rally in Sarasota over the weekend that should the GOP win control of the House of Representatives after the 2022 midterms, he’d vote for Trump as Speaker of the House—despite the fact that Trump seemingly has no plans to run for the House whatsoever. “The crooked establishment in both political parties in Washington DC, they want to get their power back, and I’ve got a different plan,” Gaetz told the crowd in Florida. “After the next election cycle when we take back the House of Representatives, when we send Nancy Pelosi back to the filth of San Francisco, my commitment to you is that my vote for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will go to Donald J. Trump.” “Can you imagine a Speaker Trump?” Gaetz asked, going on to say Trump would “throw all of the Democrats off of the committees” and “impeach Joe Biden.” The Trump-as-speaker strategy has been floating around the right-wing internet for months, and for understandable reasons.

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