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In the midst of his remarks celebrating Independence Day on the South Lawn of the White House, President Biden cited his last name as assurance that everything would turn out just fine for Americans. Biden first claimed, “Together, we’re breathing life into our economy.” Then, notwithstanding the partisan rhetoric that has marked his administration, he continued, “Together, we will rescue our people from division and despair. But together we must do it. Over the past year, we’ve lived through some of our darkest days. Now I truly believe — I give you my word as a Biden — I truly believe we’re about to see our brightest future.” Biden’s “word as a Biden” that he guarantees a brighter future for America comes at a time when polls show confidence in him plunging. A new poll released Friday, noting Americans’ feelings about how Biden is handling crime, had as its heading: “Biden is Rated Poorly on Handling Crime.” The poll found that as opposed to 38% of Americans approving of Biden’s actions in response to soaring crime rates, a whopping 48% disapproved. In addition to his sinking popularity vis-à-vis crime and the Southern border, Biden is plunging in a third area: the economy.

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