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President Joe Biden is enjoying the approval of more than half of Americans in terms of his overall job performance as the US celebrates the Fourth of July holiday weekend. A new poll from The Hill/HarrisX released on Thursday finds Mr Biden with the support of 60 percent of registered US voters, down only slightly from the 61 percent approval registered by the same poll a month earlier. The president also got high marks on the economy in the poll, with 59 percent of respondents telling pollsters they approved of Mr Biden’s efforts to manage the recovery from a massive economic slump last year. The poll results somewhat mirrored the results of a Fox News survey released last week, which found Mr Biden with an overall positive approval rating of 53 percent and widespread support (64 per cent to 34 per cent) for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fox News poll showed Mr Biden with the overwhelming support of his own party as well as the approval of one in five GOP respondents; just over half of independent respondents favored Mr Biden’s performance as well.

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