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A few comments on the Supreme Court, whose term ended June 30. First, the term was not kind to the Biden administration, which suffered a series of losses on a variety of issues. Whom do conservatives have to thank for that? President Trump and Mitch McConnell, for getting three relatively young conservatives on the Court in just four years. (Credit also goes to Leonard Leo, leader of the conservative legal movement.) For perspective, the last two Democratic presidents, who served sixteen years combined (as opposed to Trump’s four), have exactly the same number of appointees on the Court. Trump’s and McConnell’s successful collaboration on solidifying the Supreme Court’s conservative majority and in getting a record number of district and appellate court judges appointed in a single presidential term illustrates why it is high time that the Republican Party move past its current divisions and recognize this remarkable accomplishment by two different factions of the party. The party needs to stop fighting internally and focus like a laser beam on taking back the House (a tsunami is quite plausible) and the Senate (a steeper climb).

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