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Catholic bishops in Saskatchewan are restarting fundraising efforts for residential school survivors and their families. The announcement follows calls for a church boycott until the $25 million fundraising goal made by Catholic church bodies in the landmark 2005 Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement is achieved. It also follows a CBC News investigation this week into the political and legal events that resulted in less than $4 million being raised. “We have heard the strong request, from Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people in various quarters to initiate a new fundraising campaign to support survivors and engage more deeply in our own ongoing commitment and response to the Truth and Reconciliation process,” states the joint letter from Saskatchewan’s five bishops. The letter states consultations have begun within the dioceses and they “look forward to responding with more details in the near future.” Officials from the Regina diocese, Saskatoon diocese or the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops couldn’t be immediately reached for comment Sunday.

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