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This week, a Clinton-appointed federal judge blocked a Florida law which aimed to both protect free speech online and prevent “a social media platform from willfully deplatforming a candidate.” Governor Ron DeSantis has reportedly vowed to appeal the ruling, indicating that this battle in the broader war over the intersection of legislation and technology is far from over. Here’s everything you need to know about DeSantis’ law, and why it was struck down. DeSantis signed the legislation in late May, aiming to rein in Big Tech companies and empower users who believed they had been discriminated against unfairly. According to DeSantis, under SB 7072: All Floridians treated unfairly by Big Tech platforms will have the right to sue companies that violate this law — and win monetary damages. This reform safeguards the rights of every Floridian by requiring social media companies to be transparent about their content moderation practices and give users proper notice of changes to those policies, which prevents Big Tech bureaucrats from “moving the goalposts” to silence viewpoints they don’t like.

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