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During the days of darkness, as fervent Liberals like to recall the premiership of Stephen Harper, one of the heaviest bludgeons used against Mr. Harper’s government was that it was close and tight-lipped, choked off information flow, and even “muzzled its scientists.” The Liberals gravely deplored what they painted as Harper’s secretive ways and hostility to the media. Naturally they promised, if elected, they would be limpid to the point of utter translucence, allies not enemies of the press, leaving reporters not only free to do their jobs but given every possible assistance. Short of taking them to lunch and giving them a hand with their copy. We know that mirage faded once they were elected. If anything they aped what they condemned, and advanced the art of news containment well past their deepest fantasies of Stephen Harper’s appetite for information control. The Trudeau government was elected largely on image and is, beyond argument, an “image”-obsessed government. Image governments work the media, design as best they can news coverage, and shelter from scrutiny with the zeal of the undead avoiding sunlight.

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