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Records obtained by MP Tom Kmiec (Conservative-Calgary Shepard) using an “Access to Information” request indicate that the Trudeau administration did indeed have a contract with Chinese company CanSino Biologics, signed on May 6 2020. Trudeau himself had previously dismissed the allegations as “disinformation” and swore that such a contract did not exist. According to Blacklocks, the whole thing was kept under wraps as much as possible. In fact, the contract was so secretive that CanSino forbid the Canadian government to issue press releases even remotely related to the specific deal without their express permission. “The National Research Council censored details of its contract with CanSino. Terms of the Collaborative Research Agreement that were disclosed confirmed a ‘non-refundable’ cash fee was paid. The total value of the agreement was not divulged,” Blacklocks reported. Erin O’Toole, then the Tory Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, asked PM Trudeau point-blank: “Why when China is holding our citizens hostage and stealing our intellectual property did the Prime Minister choose a CanSino partnership?”

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