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To get a whiff of just how unserious the left is, take a look at the leftist knee-jerk reaction to a recent oil fire in the Gulf of Mexico. These tweets are stupidities because while the boiling gas fire at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is spectacular, it hasn’t a single thing to do with either capitalism or global warming. It’s the result of an accident from a poorly maintained pipeline owned by Pemex, the state oil company of Mexico. That’s a 100% government-owned entity that was created in 1938 based on uncompensated expropriation from private-sector energy companies. State energy enterprises are never capitalist, they are socialist state entities. Mexico’s is worse than most of them — even Venezuela’s state oil company has some private ownership. Mexico’s, though is a full socialist state creature with zero accountability to shareholders. It calls to mind that it’s not capitalism, nor global warming that’s causing these accidents, but the hard fact that socialist state energy enterprises have an amazing environmental record. Two of the idiots who posted those statements are leftist politicians who have a big thirst for attaining more power, for the state, and for themselves.

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