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Israel has targeted a Hamas site in the Gaza Strip after the terrorist group launched incendiary balloons. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed Saturday’s retaliatory attack during his weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. Israel launched similar strikes on Friday after another incendiary attack that day. Bennett said Israeli airstrikes targeted a weapons manufacturing site as well as a rocket launcher. He warned any future “disturbances” from Hamas would be met with force. “Last night, the IDF attacked Gaza in response to incendiary balloons,” he explained. “…Israel is interested in quiet and we have no interest in harming Gaza residents, but violence, balloons, marches and disturbances will be answered with harsh response.” The Prime Minister went on to say he has been working on getting humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza. However, Bennett added that aid won’t be suitcases full of money, referencing to the funds provided to Hamas by Qatar. Meanwhile, the United Nations has been working with Egypt and Qatar to come to a cease-fire agreement.

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