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TC Energy Corporation, the company that developed the Keystone XL pipeline project, is seeking to recover more than US$15 billion in damages from the United States, claiming the U.S. government breached its free trade obligations when it revoked the permit for the project. The energy company announced in June that it is pulling the plug on the controversial Keystone pipeline project after the Biden administration revoked the permit on the president’s first day in the White House. The announcement ended more than a decade of controversy over the pipeline, marking a win for environmentalists who argued the project would worsen the climate crisis. To recover economic damages from the project’s cancellation, TC Energy on Friday filed a Notice of Intent with the U.S. State Department to initiate a legacy NAFTA claim under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the company said in a statement. When the permit cancellation was announced, TC Energy warned that it would “directly lead to the layoff of thousands of union workers.” The news of TC Energy suing the U.S. government came right before a leaky gas pipeline burst in the Gulf of Mexico, causing a fire in the body of water.

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