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The problem with staking out a political position premised on people’s mental illness is that real people inevitably get hurt. That’s what happened on Saturday in Los Angeles when there was a clash between people supporting women’s and girls’ right to be in a locker room free from the presence of mentally ill men, on the one hand, and Antifa and other leftist activists claiming that the mentally ill have a transcendent right to do whatever the heck they want so that they can feel good about themselves, on the other hand. The important predicate to this is that there is not a scintilla of scientific evidence that there is such a thing as “transgenderism” — that is, no science proves that people with XX or XY chromosomes, simply because they feel like a stereotyped version of the opposite sex, magically become the opposite sex. A “transgender woman” is simply a man who, because of mental illness, societal pressure, or opportunism (athletic opportunities, voyeurism, even rape), announces that he is, in fact, a woman. I’m sorry for those who are mentally ill. They deserve compassion and, up to a point, the right to be left alone to live out their deluded fantasies.

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