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There’s a paradox in foreign affairs when Democrat presidents try to talk tough to impress the folks back home. The more they threaten Country X, which they have no intention of actually picking a fight with, the harder they then have to cover up for Country X. It’s like the kid who promises to beat up the school bully who has to keep coming up with increasingly implausible reasons why he won’t without losing face. Except the kid is a barely functional senile political hack. That’s how we end up with his pathetic farce in which Biden threatens Russia and then has to cover up for Russia to avoid making good on his threats. President Biden said Saturday that “initial thinking” is that the Russian government is not behind a ransomware attack that targeted a tool provided by Miami-based IT software management company Kaseya. Speaking to reporters in Traverse City, Mich., Biden said he’s directed the “full resources of the federal government” to investigate the attack, according to a pool report. Investigate. Cover up. It’s all good.

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