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Is there some sort of express route to Congress? If so, put Arizona’s state legislator Quang Nguyen on the first car to Washington. Here’s the survivor of the Vietnam War and its hideous communist aftermath schooling today’s leftists in a now viral video. Like the young Venezuelan woman who put out a video about statue-toppling, and the Chinese lady who advised a Virginia school board about the Cultural Revolution, Nguyen’s a truth-teller, someone who has lived and experienced socialism firsthand, sees the need to educate, and calmly teaches them the truth. The video is especially satisfying since his opponent is a fat, smug, flippant Arizona representative leftist who mocks the specter of communism and then claims that the real enemy is “white supremacy.” One, he’s extremely eloquent, a polished speaker, and tells of the socialist horrors as a personal story. Here’s what those who have heard him speak are saying. Two, he’s a Trump-style fighter, not letting the left get away with its customary narrative lies. That’s rather new, first seen in the era of Trump, and obviously he’s learned from the master.

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