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Debuting a freshly-shaven face for the first time since before the pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau downplayed suggestions Wednesday that he’s gearing up to call a federal election despite a ramp-up in post-Parliament political posturing. The Senate adjourned for the summer leaving two key Liberal bills unpassed on Tuesday: a bill to stamp out the harmful practice of LGBTQ2S+ conversion therapy, and a contentious broadcast regulation update. Those bills will die if an election is called before they make it through the Senate. Asked whether he could commit to not calling an election until those bills become law, the prime minister couldn’t say yes, suggesting his government is angling to have the Senate recalled in the coming weeks instead. With Parliament not set to resume sitting until the week of Sept. 20, the prospect of the government falling on a confidence vote has been taken off the table. That hasn’t quelled any of the inside-Ottawa speculation that the puzzle pieces are increasingly falling into place for Trudeau to decide it’s time to go to the polls.

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