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Children’s TV Performers: they’re colorful, cute, and cooky, and unfortunately sometimes, downright creepy. Maybe it’s because we’re no longer kids ourselves and the charm has worn off. But unlike the Wiggles, entertainers extraordinaire with a very serious jazz-hands-for-pictures policy (to prevent even the slightest insinuation that they’re inappropriately touching a fan), there are many, many children’s performers who have turned out to be rotten apples. Whether it’s actors, directors, puppeteers (puppets, why does it have to be puppets!), or even America’s Dad, here are the Top 10 Children’s Performers Who Were Secret Perverts. Fergie Olver was a TV host of the show “Just Like Mom” back in the 1980s and a downright creepazoid. Think of him like an even less culturally appropriate Canadian version of Richard Dawson from the “Family Feud.” Olver liked to treat the young female contestants on his show truly “Just Like Mom.” In particular, he liked to trick the girls into a kiss, even if they had already said no.

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