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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich praised a Thursday Supreme Court ruling upholding state election reforms and signaling how the court intends to rule on other similar cases. “Today is a win for election integrity safeguards in Arizona and across the country,” Brnovich said in a statement. “Fair elections are the cornerstone of our republic, and they start with rational laws that protect both the right to vote and the accuracy of the results.” The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Arizona and upholding two state election reforms enacted in 2016. One law criminalized turning in someone else’s completed early ballot with limited exceptions for family members and caregivers. The other law voids ballots that voters submit at a precinct other than the one they are assigned to. The state attorney general’s office also said that the ruling may have a broad impact on similar court cases that spring out of an ongoing push by GOP state legislatures to reform election laws after the 2020 election. One case over such laws has already been filed in court by the Department of Justice against Georgia.

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