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Is Kamala Harris’ job too hard? Should the Biden administration, or as they like to call it, the Biden Harris administration, be giving Harris’ easier tasks to manage? According to Ezra Klein of The New York Times, the answer is yes. These problems Harris’ has been asked to handle, from root causes of immigration and the border to police reform, voting rights, and vaccine hesitancy just aren’t setting Harris’ up for success, posits Klein. It’s hard to see this op-ed as anything other than a softly bigoted rant about how Harris can’t handle the tough jobs if the Dems want her to take the presidency in 2024. As a black woman who may intend to run for president in just a few years, who will be up against men as well as voter bias against her gender and race, Harris’, Klein believes, should be given easier problems to tackle. Klein’s argument is literally that Harris should be given lesser challenges so that she won’t look like a failure when she attempts to attain the presidency during the next election. If she doesn’t fail, that must be a success, right?

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