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A race-hustling left-wing author who has made headlines for her anti-white Twitter rants is now accusing her white supporters of being “violent” for showering her with encouraging texts, direct messages and emails. Saira Rao, who’s Indian-American, tweeted Monday: “White people: I beg you, please stop sending private messages of support and agreement. Texts, DM’s, emails.” The vocal Black Lives Matter supporter explained her demand this way: “Private support is violent. Honestly, it is. Make it public or keep it to yourselves.” Essentially, Rao trashed her liberal white supporters as “violent” thugs and cowards because, according to her, they should make their declarations public. Keep in mind that many people — both liberal and conservative — keep their political views private in order to avoid harassment and bullying from “cancel culture” mobs. These days, saying something that left-wing mobs don’t approve of could get you fired or beaten — even if you’re a liberal — so it’s no wonder that some of Rao’s supporters prefer to remain anonymous. Like many of her inane, race-hustling tweets, this one ignited a hilarious backlash.

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