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In an exposé of the forces behind the social unrest that marked 2020, filmmaker Ami Horowitz spent a year amidst the rioters and protesters triggered by the death of George Floyd, spoke to leaders of Black Lives Matter and interviewed a beleaguered black pastor in Chicago whose church is within a block of the most dangerous block in America and harshly criticized the BLM movement and the corporations that sponsor it. The video begins with Horowitz noting that the Black Lives Matter movement came to the forefront after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, who, we were initially told, was supposedly shot with his hands up, “leading to the hands up, don’t shoot crusade and the ensuing sacking of the town of Ferguson.” But Horowiz pointed out that black eyewitnesses, jury members, and Barack Obama’s Department of Justice “destroyed the false narrative … in fact, it found the opposite: Michael Brown attacked officer Darren Wilson and attempted to take his weapon.” “Yet this durable lie continues to exist,” Horowitz asserted. “After the killing of George Floyd, the nation was convulsed with upheaval and rioting began across the country,” said Horowitz.

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