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Trudeau appointed BC Senator Yuen Pau Woo said that Canada should be careful in its criticism of China over its treatment of Uyghurs, because of Canada’s history in its treatment of Indigenous communities. “The fact that China does not share our view of individual freedoms or, indeed, our interpretation of freedoms based on the Charter is not a basis on which to lecture the Chinese on how they should govern themselves,” said Woo, according to CBC. Woo would also say that China’s treatment of Muslims were similar to that of Canada’s treatment of its Indigenous population. In consideration of atrocities such as forced sterilizations, relocations, and other violations, Woo said that Canada “did all of those things, and we did them throughout our short history as a country, most appallingly to Indigenous peoples, but also to recent immigrants and minority groups who were deemed undesirable, untrustworthy or just un-Canadian.” Woo’s comments echo those of the Communist regime, which came as Canada went before the UN Human Rights Council, calling on China to open up to international observers to see first hand its treatment of the Uyghur peoples in Xinjiang province.

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