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The Biden administration and the DNC have unleashed an aggressive online “fact-checking” campaign to convince online platforms to censor their political opponents. Unfortunately, the leaders of one of these organizations have been exposed for knowingly lying that a Republican presidential candidate caused a woman to die of cancer and committed a federal felony, among other falsehoods. The outrageous nature of the people supposedly fighting conservative “disinformation” can be driven home by examining the leaders of just one of these groups, Building Back Together, an independent organization that reportedly coordinates closely with the Biden White House. Robert Bauer, who leads BBT’s voting rights unit, has close ties to Joe Biden. The president so trusts Bauer’s judgement that he named him co-chair of his commission to consider packing the Supreme Court. Bob Bauer was at the heart of perhaps the biggest disinformation campaign of recent years: The Steele Dossier. Among the most lurid fabrications of his report, which BuzzFeed published in January 2017, is the claim that Donald Trump hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed that Barack Obama once slept in.

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