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Republicans seem confident about their chances for taking back the U.S. House in the 2022 midterm elections. Some might even think that victory is a “done deal” because the electorate has finally gotten wise to what the Dems are really up to, and to the true nature of their authoritarian party. Republicans might well be correct in their reading of voter sentiment, but it might not make any difference. GOP strategists need to throttle back their optimism, for the changes to elections that worked for the Dems in “electing” a president in 2020 could also work for them in 2022 congressional elections. And not only might the Dems employ scams like mail-in ballots, they’ll also have millions of “new voters” they’ve allowed to invade the country and whom the Biden administration will then relocate to Red States for maximum effect on elections. Republicans like the sad Liz Cheney, who believe that the 2020 presidential election expressed the true will of the People, also need to think again. For even if Biden did legitimately win the election, no one can prove that, no one knows. Now, there’s a big word in the headline — “epistemology.”

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