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Church officials say they tried their best but could only raise fraction of $25M promised. Residential school survivor Rick Daniels and his wife, Judy Greyeyes, live in a small apartment just a few kilometres from Saskatoon’s towering $28.5-million Holy Family Cathedral. The cathedral features solar-powered stained glass windows, a carved granite altar, seating for 2,000 people and a steel cross that sits 53 metres above ground, dominating the suburban Prairie skyline. The church opened in 2012 following a massive, multi-year fundraising campaign. But while all this was happening, critics say another financial commitment was largely forgotten. Catholic churches in Saskatoon and across Canada had also signed an agreement promising to raise $25 million to compensate Daniels and tens of thousands of other survivors for the emotional, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition, cultural shaming and systemic violations of basic human rights suffered in Catholic-run residential schools.

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