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Vancouver gasoline prices near record-breaking prices again, surpassing $1.70 per litre mark on Friday. The previous record high was set in the summer of 2019 at $1.72 per litre. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) argues that the province’s carbon taxes are the leading contributing factor to high taxes at the pump. Last summer, decimated oil prices and low demand drove prices below $1.00 per litre. Now, prices could exceed $2.00 per litre at the end of summer. According to the federation, the province’s carbon tax added $0.10 per litre to gasoline costs. They estimate that the province’s low carbon fuel standard – which requires fuel suppliers to add certain percentages of renewable fuels to gasoline — added $0.14 per litre at the pumps. “Combined, BC’s two carbon taxes cost about 24 cents per litre of gasoline,” the federation estimates. The federation stated that Metro Vancouver drivers pay $0.68 per litre in transit levies and fuel taxes. On average, B.C. taxpayers pay $0.54 per litre, while Victorians pay $0.61 per litre. In a CTF press release, its B.C. director Kris Sims said drivers are ‘fuming’ at the cost of gasoline.

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