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The Speaker of the House of Commons says he intends to ask the federal court to strike down the Trudeau government’s attempt to have a judge block parliamentarians from receiving documents regarding the firing of two scientists at Canada’s top laboratory. “As Speaker of the House of Commons and guardian of its parliamentary privileges, I will oppose the Attorney General’s application and take the position that the Federal Court has no jurisdiction to restrict the House’s power to request documents,” Anthony Rota wrote in a letter addressed to parliamentarians Friday. “The Attorney General has been advised of our position, and the necessary steps will be taken before the Court,” his letter concluded. Rota’s letter was sent on the same day his office formally notified the federal court that it intended to respond to the Liberal’s lawsuit earlier this week asking the federal court to prohibit the disclosure of documents that a majority of MPs formally demanded from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Rota’s director of communications clarified he intends to ask the court to strike down the Liberal’s request for judicial review if the government does not withdraw it.

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